Ivanovo Russia Intercontinental Hotel

InterContinental Moscow TVerskaya, owned by Business Centre Tverskaya LLC and managed by IHG, is part of a new business complex. The hotel has 10 meeting rooms with a total area of 2,500 square meters and a total area of 600 square meters.

Each room pays homage to local architecture and culture, and features a cog-shaped reading table that reflects Russia's industrial history. Inspired by the Russian avant-garde, the Art Deco décor makes this hotel an impressive place to stay and underlines its reputation as one of the best hotels in the city. We would like to commend the InterContinental Moscow TVerskaya for its excellent service and quality. Our stay at the Intercontinental in Moscow has reinforced our affinity for the intercontinental brand and we would recommend it to anyone visiting Moscow. The hotel is distinguished not only by its service, but also by its high quality facilities and excellent customer service.

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However, it is the small details that a luxury hotel should focus on that make it stand out and make a big difference to your stay. Small details are what distinguish them and are the most important part of the overall experience at Ivanovo Russia Intercontinental Hotel.

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The superior rooms offer excellent views of the city and are located in the heart of St. Petersburg, within walking distance of the central business district and the monument centre. The Boulevard Ring is also within easy reach and within a 10-minute walk you can reach a leisure park with a pond that provides the backdrop for the opening scene of Master Margarita.

Located on Russia's most famous street, the hotel is an ideal base for business and leisure travellers, within walking distance of the central business district, the monument centre and the centre of monuments. It is one of the few hotels of its kind in the world with such a superb view of St. Petersburg and it is the perfect place for a private dinner or a night on the town.

Luxury hotels in Moscow offer excellent service and first-class amenities to satisfy even the most discerning traveler. The 5-star hotels in Moscow are usually equipped with a heated swimming pool, spa, private dining room and private gym. While most of them are located in the central business district, there are luxury hotels in almost every part of the city. Because the heart of Moscow is a perfect place for guests who can enjoy all the local sights and sounds.

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More About Ivanovo