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Sport is very popular in Russia and the desire to lead an active lifestyle is increasing, and many Russians enjoy doing things like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, swimming and other sports. It is an exciting time and locals are particularly excited to see and participate in the Sochi Olympics, Russia's first major sporting event since 1982.

Russians are traditionally strong in sport and there are many annual events. Everyone can participate, all ages and skiers are welcome and the races have routes of varying difficulty.

Local and international sporting events are held in functional and modern arenas throughout the year. Every year there is a wide selection of local, international and sporting events, many of which take place in functional, modern arenas.

Recent international sporting events in Russia include boxing, football, football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, hockey and tennis. Moscow hosted the Euroleague final for the first time in its history, with a total audience of more than 2.5 million.

The multifunctional arena is ideal for watching tennis, football, volleyball and basketball when Zenit is playing. The stadium can accommodate more than 40,000 spectators and is designed for the fun of the fans.

Take a tour of Spartak's home stadium, cheer on the crowd in Luzhniki, Moscow's largest arena, have fun in the Olympic Park in Sochi or cheer on the crowds in Lucerne. There is so much to discover, but beware that you will become one while watching a game there. If you are one of those who watch the games there, it is worth watching the game, even if you are not a locomotive enthusiast.

With more than 80,000 seats, it is a massive and well-planned space and the atmosphere at the games is superb. Compact yet functional, the venue proves that basketball live is an excellent entertainment option in Russia. I came to Khanty-Mansiysk to see the competition, to get to know the people and culture of the city and to ride reindeer. We share a passion for sport with Russians and feel welcome at their favourite venues across the country.

The club has experienced coaches and it is absolutely certain that we will be here in 2018. The club also has an experienced coach with more than 30 years of basketball experience and a strong track record.

The complex VTB is surrounded by a large park and the State Polytechnic University Ivanovo, which was founded on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages, is engaged in the development of a number of research projects in the fields of foreign languages, education and sports. Russian as a foreign language, Russian lessons and help with the international recognition of the Russian YMCAS. We have established a partnership with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Technologies, Moscow State University, and have combined our research and teaching programs in Russian, English and English - Russian.

In winter and summer we go jogging along the Moskva and drive directly to the city of Ryazan, which is home to one of Russia's most famous ski resorts. In Ryzan we are looking forward to a modern club for skydivers, where we can experience free flights in the wind tunnel and skydiving as we have dreamed. When we watch Spartak games there, we enjoy the view and the great atmosphere, as well as a great view of the Moscow skyline.

In Moscow, Spartak's home stadium, the Otkritie Arena, is a great place to go to concerts and games. The Arena has modern facilities and well-planned infrastructure and is located in the heart of the city, just a few kilometres from the Kremlin. In Kazan we can watch Rubin Kazan's home games and this modern stadium is on our list of sights in Kazan. The Icecome of St. Petersburg is known as the "Icecome of St. Petersburg," where we take our coats, as well as many other places in Russia.

The university's scientific research is carried out in 19 main research areas, which correspond to the prioritisation of scientific trends and the development of technology and technology. The education system enables the training of professionals at all levels, including in natural sciences, technology, engineering, economics, mathematics, economics and social sciences. The main driver of growth is currently the creation of new research institutes such as the Kazan University of Science and Technology. Libraries are the main task responsible for the education of students, faculty, staff and students in the field of science and technology.

Ivanovo State Polytechnic University has a faculty with more than 1500 students and faculty members, more than 250 scientific and pedagogical staff members are teaching staff, and over 500 of them have scientific degrees, candidates and doctorates in natural sciences. People are united by the idea of mutual goodness and service, overcoming social barriers between people, promoting the development of people from different groups of the population, including the socially excluded, the disabled, people with disabilities and the elderly, as well as young people. It promotes civic engagement as a means of involving young people in social decision-making, disseminates humanistic values to young people, develops leadership skills, facilitates the assumption of responsibility for young people at various levels of CVJM activities and facilitates their participation in sport and other social activities.

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More About Ivanovo